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Important Information

1. While applying for a service, after successful submission of first page, if any kind of issue occurs in the system, then the user can click on the "Draft Application" link to search for the particular application that is encountering problem. User can search the application by putting in the "Applicant Name" properly in the Search box which is available there. Once the user gets the application, then the "Action" link (last column of the displayed table) of the corresponding row can be clicked, to complete the rest of the steps for the application.

2. CSC users should use Mozilla Firefox as browser. This is because CSC Connect site uses http protocol, but WBeDistrict uses https protocol, so there is a requirement of http to https redirection, which is available in Mozilla Firefox browser.

3. A generic guideline for generating Certified Copy of Registered Deed:
It happens sometimes that payment status is not received from GRIPS portal instantaneously after payment has been made in GRIPS. So user can follow the following steps to retrieve the payment status and generate the required deed document.
Step 1 : Go to 'GRIPS payment status' menu under 'View Status' menu.
Step 2: Provide the required AIN and press 'search' button to generate the acknowledgement receipt and check the payment status,
Step 3: If payment status is 'Successful', then generate the deed document using 'get applied deed document' radio button present in the             page appearing after selecting the service 'Certified Copy of Registered Deed'.

4. User can log the encountered issues in the Toll Free Number 18003453011 (Alternate no.- 033 22901721). At that time, the user has to provide the following details :
a. CSC (VLE) User-Id
b. Service Type for which the application was made,
c. Application Date and Time.
d. Applicant Name for a particular application where the problem has occurred.